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Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >> joe biden and paul ryan turn up the heat. trading blows oefrg from foreign policy to jobs and taxes. >> it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. >> romney's a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. >> oecd chief tells cnbc spain's prime minister isn't asking because there's a real fear leaders would possibly say no. >>> and investors hang up on japanese. it may be too costly. >> plus jpmorgan and wells fargo are set to report third quarter results. >>> this is the last trading day of the week here. and we have the i-8 report out that sees pricing easing. they have lowered their growth forecast, though. and it says iran exports hit a new low in september. so there's obviously a bit of a difference between what's going on in the short term forecast and the longer term, as well. so they're looking at annual supply growth of #.5 million barrels a day, average oil demand growth of 1.1 million a day. so over the next five years, sluggish economy will slow oil demand growth and mo
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
to make sure this country continues to live within its means and at the same time has a tax system that attracts international businesses to britain p. and one of the encouraging stories is 20 of the largest companies are moving some of their head quarters to the uk. >> but low yields aren't giving us growth. >> all western countries are facing the issue of how they pay their way in the world and how they grow. if you look at the uk, a million jobs in the private sector over the last couple of years and we'll go on making reforms to our tax system to make this the competitive place to come and do business. >> meanwhile britain's largest businesses are adopting more defensive strategies. this is one of the latest findings of the deloitte cfo service. they were asked what their views are on the current operating environment. joining us with more, chief economist at deloitte. good to see you. i suppose we had a record second quarter of declines. >> confidence went through the floor back in june on the result of what's going on in the euro area. you've seen a bit of a bounce. risk appe
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am EDT
taxes. can they actually reform the economy. that's the big unresolved questions. >> how close is greece being in an unsustainable position? they have moved in the right direction to n. regard to labor costs. is that enough of a difference? >> i think it matters a lot to their position now the debt has changed the nation and becomes more political and less of a market issue. so i do think at some point there will be a plig group to show that they can sustain and for the europeans to realize that 180% debt to gdp is not sustainable at any point in the future. >> just a programming note, coming up, we will be joined by former greek finance minister geor george. and take a listen to what he had to say at the height of the greek crisis. >> we never asked nor are expecting any kind of a bailout. rear reducing the civilian growth program. it's a front loaded program. >> we want basically a loaded gun to be on the table and hope we never have to use it. >> we're fully aware that this is a program that is not going to be easy. it is pot going to be easy on greek citizens despite the efforts that
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
is on pace to earn $15 billion in profits this year. the sector accounted for 14% of new york state's tax revenue in fiscal 2011. still the findings of that survey contrast with the results of a survey by hedge fund and asset management employees are among the most optimistic. bob, are they delusional? >> if they're going to do it on the basis of hedge fund performance, they probably are. of course, we're talking about the big investment banks here. i suppose that we'll have to see what the share of computation is to total revenues, which is i think the measure that tells you -- and the banks are trying to get that ratio down. the banks that succeed in getting the ratio down are better placed. so the pressure is on employee compensation, including the bonuses, in order to keep banks profitable. there isn't much lending growth. >> what about hedge fund, though? especially as talent migrates out of banks, perhaps towards these funds, that just haven't put in the numbers so far this year for the most part. >> no, they haven't. so if professionals in investment banks th
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
is expected to hone in on mitt romney's comments about the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes and expect government support to see you ryan likely to reiterate his argument that the u.s. can't afford another four years of president obama and the debate comes as a new poll shows the president and romney are neck and neck in two swing states, virginia and florida to see you obama still has a small lead in ohio to see you. >> so while the latest polls may show a tight race, there's another one that some folks think is more important, yes, it is the 7-eleven indicator to see you it's selling coffee in democrat blue cups with obama's face and republican red featuring romney to see you the tally shows customers favor obama by 60/40 margin to see you the 7-eleven indicator has correctly predicted the winner of the last three u.s. elections to see you. >> i'm not sure that's a huge sample set to see you. >> have they only run it in three elections? >> good question to see you what's interesting, jetblue for its part is also getting in on the presidential election saying that if your c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5